And welcome to First Mount Bethel!

It is our prayer that as you visit our site, you will see and feel the excitement within our congregation, as we strive to promote a worshiping service that’s filled with

Real Life, Real Faith and Real Hope.

Our church is located within the richly historical section of Savannah, Georgia.

At Mount Bethel, we serve a God who has No Big I’s, and Little You’s.  We all come on the same plateau as Sinners, seeking a Savior. And each, and every time the doors of Mount Bethel are opened; we come with the total Mindset of Kingdom Building.

Christ according to scripture, left a message and mission with His Church. In Matthew 28:19-20, Christ’s Message was for the church not to become content with worship alone. But, His concern was that the Gospel (Good News) would be shared amongst mankind.In order, for the lost to become converted, strengthened and delivered, Christ must be presented and believed.

So, our prayer is that as you continue with your visit of this site, that you may feel that

Evangelistic Overflow

that God is allowing to work within our church family.    

We invite you to not just visit our site. But, please come inside and worship with us, as we worship Christ.  Our services are designed to be an “uplift” for the down-trodden, broken-spirited and you that just feel as if, it’s you against the world.

At Mount Bethel, we come worshipping and looking for that one key element to having a Better Life, which is Christ Jesus, our Lord.

See You Soon,

Pastor Michael Smith, Sr.

Reaching                                                        Reviving                                                      Renewing